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Tim's Blog

Naughty Bits - 28 Feb 2015

Facebook doesn't like nipples :) so we had to cover this one up for there, but it looked so cheeky popping out all on it's own we still had to show the original photo somewhere




Curves and Shadows - 6 Dec 2014

I posted on facebook the other day how much I loved shooting the curves of pregnant ladies. The lady I shot has just collected her photos and has very graciously allowed me to share this one - after I cropped off her face




Shoot with Jenna - 30 Nov 2014

There are more from Jenna's shoot here




Shoot with Chantelle - 18 Nov 2014

There are more from Chantelle's shoot here




Shoot with Melody - 7 Oct 2014

There are more from Melody's shoot here

Love the evil cloud.
Those eyes can pierce right through you.
Love soft black and white.



Shoot with Katie - 7 Oct 2014

Back when I built this site 480 pixels high seemed like a lot, and there are thousands of photos here that size. But sometimes you just need bigger images.
There are more from Katie's shoot here

So cute.
Surfing does this for your behind.