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Frequently asked questions

Why should I come to you? You should come to me if you want photos that are unashamedly about how beautiful and sexy you are. I don't do boring photos, if you want a straight fully lit portrait like grandma had done 40 years ago then you should probably find another photographer.
I want photos what happens next? Get in touch with me via the contact page to arrange your free consultation. This is where we talk about what you want and we make the appointment to actually take the photos.
Do you always shoot half naked women? No, I shoot models with their clothes on or off, it depends on what the model wants and what the photos are for.
Do you do weddings? The short answer is no, the longer answer is maybe. Generally I'll only shoot weddings for people I've worked with before who ask me nicely. There are lots of very cheap wedding photographers out there. I'm not interested in being cheap. I'm only interested in being good.
What do you do charge? Check out my Rates page.
Who owns the copyright on the photos? I do, you can't sell or print photos I take without my permission.
Do samples from all of your shoots go on the net. No, by no means all women want their photos displayed. I have the explicit permission of the subject to display every image included on this site. I NEVER put ANYTHING on the net without the permission of the model. Sometimes people change their minds later too and in that case I take their photos down, no questions.
Why do all photographers charge so much for prints? The short answer is because that's how we get paid. The shoot price doesn't cover anything like the real cost of the shoot. For a longer explaination click here